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Reviewing the new Les Miserables movie

I saw Les Miserables the other day. I still have it on my bucket list to read the entire novel, en francais, but I was unable to complete the quest before the movie came out. You can’t really blame me. … Continue reading

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French Fridays: The Intouchables – good movie, bad title

Recently, I saw the French movie, “The Intouchables.” It’s a huge hit in France – nearly one-third of the population has seen it – and it’s already the second highest grossing non-English film in the world, ever, even though it’s … Continue reading

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The Artist: as French as French toast?

A French movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture! How exciting! Actually, I have to disagree. It’s not that I have a problem with The Artist winning the top award. It’s just that I can’t get behind calling it … Continue reading

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