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Le Gros Horloge, Rouen, France

Rouen’s “Big Clock” is impossible to miss. It is, in fact, quite large, and it hangs across the city’s main shopping and pedestrian street. It’s an astronomical clock, with only one hand, but it also portrays the days of the … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday: Arugula

I love arugula. Neither one of my parents like it, so I never really had much of it until I went to France. The French like arugula too. They put it in and on a lot of unusual things. Like pizza. Turns out, I loooooove … Continue reading

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French Friday: “la guerre” on hashtags

Today is the last day of the Forum mondial de la langue française, a week-long meeting of leaders and thinkers from French-speaking countries across the globe to discuss the language’s history, present, and future. This year the forum was held … Continue reading

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