Music Monday: Fifteen Years of French

I come from a long line of pack-rats. Sometimes it’s a less-than-desirable personality trait, but sometimes, you discover something you didn’t know you still had, and it brings a smile to your face. Something like this.

French music receipt

It’s the receipt from the very first batch of French language CDs I ever got. My mom bought them for me, back when I was in high school. My French teacher had recorded a television show from the international French channel, TV5Monde, for us to watch in class. In between shows on TV5Monde, they often play music videos. There happened to be three music videos on after the show we were supposed to watch, Lara Fabian’s “Si Tu M’aimes,” Jim Corcoran’s “J’Vais Changer le Monde,” and Bruno Pelletier’s “Ailleurs C’est Comme Ici.” The whole class instantly loved watching the videos. They were far more entertaining that the news or whatever it was our teacher intended for us to watch. But I’m pretty sure I loved the songs more than any of my classmates.

I loved them so much that my mom tracked down the three albums those songs came from and bought them for me. I say “tracked down,” because this was 1997, and had only recently started to exist. They only sold books back then. No, to find those CDs, my mom actually had to find a record store in Montreal, call them, and special order the discs.

$62.97 was such an outrageous sum of money for three CDs back then (even when the Canadian dollar was weaker), but the most shocking part of that receipt to me today is the frais d’expedition. That’s the shipping fee, and it was a whopping $6.00. I’m being sarcastic. It was anything but whopping. Today, shipping to the United States from Amazon Canada costs $7.99 per shipment PLUS $1.99 for each individual item. Who knew HMV was giving me such a bargain all those years ago?

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