French Friday: Music-mania

I learned a new French word today.


It can be either a masculine or feminine noun or an adjective, and it means “music-lover.” More accurately, it means “music mad,” in the same vein as pyromane and kleptomane (pyromaniac and kleptomaniac, respectively).

Pyromane, Melomane
Burned violin in plexiglass
By: Arman, 1965

Apparently the word exists in English too, but I only know that because I went looking for it. I’ve never heard it used before. A melomaniac is described as a person (or dog!) that is abnormally affected by music or certain tones. The French don’t seem to use mélomane in such an extreme way. I saw it used in an advertisement for a Mother’s Day sale at a record store!

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One Response to French Friday: Music-mania

  1. Carol Egidio says:

    There is a whole category of young people for whom that term could/should be used!

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