Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

In an effort to blog more consistently, I decided to set themes for certain days of the week. Yesterday was the first ever Music Monday (how original, I know). Today, I declare Tasty Tuesday. It’s a silly name, and I don’t really like it, but if I make it Food Friday, I have no idea where else to put French Friday. I’ll gladly take other suggestions. We’ll see how long theme days last anyway…

It’s a little after the fact, but today I’d like to talk about the dessert I made for Easter dinner. Actually, I just want an excuse to post a picture of it and brag about how delicious it was. It’s the chocolate tart from Clotilde Dusoulier’s Chocolate and Zucchini cookbook. I looked at a lot of other tart recipes before I settled on this one (Flour Bakery, Ladurée) but it came down to simplicity, the ingredients I had on hand, and previous success with Clotilde’s recipes.

I followed the book’s recipe exactly: a simple pâte sablée, coated with a thin layer of caramel, and a rich, bittersweet chocolate ganache, but you can substitute jam for the caramel, add cocoa powder to the crust, or spice up the ganache with liqueur, cinnamon, or citrus zest. The possibilities are nearly endless.

We had an overload of desserts, and somehow my masterpiece got a little lost in the shuffle. No matter.  That just meant leftovers for me to enjoy all week!

Chocolate Tart

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Tart

  1. Carol Egidio says:

    This was make your teeth melt richness – lost, maybe, but not to be forgotten!

  2. Seycen says:

    Oh boy – and me on a diet. I’ll be dreaming about this tonight 🙂

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