The acoustics are great

Why is it that we all do our best thinking in the shower? While the water’s running and the shampoo’s sudsing, I have all sorts of ideas. Even this blog post was 20-30% better when I “wrote” it the first time. But the minute my feet hit the bathmat, my brain is as clean as the space behind my ears.

Maybe I should invest in one of those waterproof notepads. I’ve tried keeping pen and paper near the sink, but it’s too far away. Those few, quick, exit seconds are all it takes for me to completely lose my inspiration. Then again, I’m not sure a small notepad will suffice. I dream up a lot more than simple concepts when I’m in the shower. Whole blog posts. Song lyrics. Occasionally even a melody. You can’t really jot down a melody. Perhaps what I need is a waterproof recording device. An iPhone in a Ziploc bag? Or maybe I need a bathroom secretary. Someone to sit on the toilet and take dictation. This will probably be a difficult position to fill considering the awkwardly personal work conditions and the constantly frizzy hair. Despite the poor economy, I also think it will be hard to find someone willing to work only 10 minutes per day.

I guess I need to go take a shower to think up a better idea for solving this problem. Then maybe someday I’ll actually remember it when I get out!

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