Lemons and limes and lights, oh my!

Lemons and Limes and Lights, oh my!

They just released Instagram for Android phones, and I was looking for something pretty to use as a subject for my first picture. This was the centerpiece for our Easter dinner table, a bowl filled with lemons, limes, and little battery-operated lights on a string. It was really fun and festive and made quite an impression on our guests.

I write this all in past tense because this morning we had to dismantle it after we found a couple of already rotting lemons at the bottom of the bowl. How disappointing! I love the idea of putting fruit in a bowl, both for decoration and easy access, but I can’t figure out how the magazines and Giada De Laurentiis manage to do it! This citrus was only a few days old!

Looking at the bright side of things, I now how five pounds each of lemons and limes to use as fast as possible. Please send recipes and suggestions!

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One Response to Lemons and limes and lights, oh my!

  1. Fresh squeezed margaritas, that’s all I have to say…

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