Music makes the people come together (sort of)

I know I’m almost a week late chiming in with my opinions on Superbowl related things, but better late than never, right? (Well, let’s face it; the world doesn’t really need another opinion, so never probably would have been fine.) Since you know from my last entry that I am a Patriots fan, I don’t feel the need to comment on the game itself, but I would like to give my two cents about the halftime show.

I should start out by saying that I am a Madonna fan. I’ve seen her in concert a couple of times and she always puts on an entertaining, if controversial, performance. Even if you don’t like Madonna’s style or music, it’s hard to argue the fact that she knows how to surround herself with talented people (maybe M.I.A. aside).

I thought the halftime show was pretty good. The elaborate video projection on the field really added an extra dimension to the stage, and the costumes and props were really fun to look at even if they essentially had nothing to do with the songs they were used for.

I, as a fan, enjoyed this show more than most of the halftime shows in recent memory, but even I’ll admit I was a little disappointed. What exactly was I expecting? I don’t know. There was just something missing.

That’s the problem with the Superbowl halftime show. It’s kind of like New Year’s Eve. There’s so much suspense, so much anticipation and promise, and then the ball drops and it’s January first and nothing’s really different. What could a performer possibly do to make the halftime show worthy of the lofty  expectations? I say: nothing.

Not only is there no way for anyone to live up to the hype, there also isn’t anyone, not a single artist, living or dead, who could unite 100+ million viewers. If any such artist existed, they would be bajillionaires. But the segment of the population who would really really love to see Eminem headline the halftime show is not the same segment who would really really love to see Kenny Chesney. And those people aren’t the same ones who’d be over the moon to see Justin Bieber. And the “Beliebers” probably have never even heard of Barbra Streisand, but I bet their parents would be psyched to see her. (Well, maybe the moms, at least. The dads would probably prefer Eric Clapton or something.)

My point is, no one will ever satisfy everyone. I think Madonna comes close. She’s definitely a living legend. Songs like “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” have become a part of the cultural zeitgeist.  There are people who won’t agree with my proclamation, and that’s fine, but to all the haters out there, I ask, “Why bother?” It’s just a stupid concert on TV. If it’s not your cup of tea, oh well. Better luck next year.

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2 Responses to Music makes the people come together (sort of)

  1. doodlemoose says:

    When I first heard Madonna was the Superbowl halftime show, I immediately though “geez, the NFL really doesn’t know it’s demographic, does it?” There’s a reason they show so many erectile disfunction commercials during sporting events, afterall. That being said, I enjoyed the show, particularly when Madge almost fell on her face and MIA’s special sign language. Live television, gotta love it.

    • nicoleegidio says:

      You know, I don’t really agree. If it were a normal week for football, yes, but the Superbowl doesn’t really have a demographic. Nearly everybody watches it, whether they actually pay attention to the game or not. The most interesting thing about this year is that the ratings actually


      during the halftime show! So people certainly were curious about seeing what Madonna would do… even if they don’t want to admit it.

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